"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 sessions you will have a new body." ~Joseph Pilates

About Pilates

What Is Pilates?


Contrology is what Joseph Pilates called his ground-breaking method of low impact body conditioning exercises developed nearly a century ago.  Now commonly referred to as Pilates (pu-lah-tees) this method combines eastern and western philosophies giving the whole body an energized and content feeling.

How Does It Work?


Pilates transforms the way your body looks and feels.  It aims at creating a long, slender and muscular body without adding bulk.  Your flexibility increases as well as your coordination and posture, giving you a sense of control and inner harmony.  By focusing on the body's center or "powerhouse" the abdominals are strengthened, the spine becomes more supple and strong (alleviating back and joint pain), and the body becomes more balanced.

Using specialized equipment, in just 55 minutes you have a complete head to toe workout.  No muscle group is undertrained nor overtrained.  Pilates fully engages the mind with awareness of breathing, correct alignment, and the flow that comes with executing each movement correctly.

Pilates For Everyone


From someone who is just starting to exercise to the professional athlete, Pilates is a workout that will leave you feeling energized instead of exhausted.  Since all sessions are one on one, the workout is tailored to your specific needs.  It will help you achieve a healthy, happy, and balanced body.  All you need is tights or bike shorts, a t-shirt, and clean socks.  No fancy running shoes are required since all exercises are done in socks.



Christine Ferris attended the University of Utah on the prestigious Willam Christensen ballet scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science.  She also was fortunate to dance professionally seven years for the Utah based company Odyssey Dance Theatre, being a charter member, and working with some of the country's best choreographers.  

She then went to Los Angeles to complete the country's most intensive traditional Pilates training courses. At that time only 5 training facilities were available and taught only traditional Pilates from the Master Teachers. Upon completion of the required 600+ hours of apprenticeship and working in conjunction with LA's top physical therapy office for performing artists she moved to San Francisco and was able to further her education from St. Francis Dance Medicine program.  Christine then returned to Utah to develop and run the extremely successful Pilates program for the Treehouse Athletic Club in Draper.  She is considered a pioneer in Utah ;) for bringing Pilates to gyms and fitness centers where it was once just available to the Hollywood elite.  
Ready for a new challenge, Christine started her own studio, Bodies by Pilates.  A few years later she then decided to become a full time mother!  After dedicating years with her children, she is now reopening her studio on a small scale giving clients a boutique and personal environment.

With Christine's extensive background in Pilates education, exercise and sport science, as well as her significant experience teaching ballet, she offers the best Pilates instruction for the beginner to the professional athlete.  While all sessions will remain true to the authentic practice, kinesiology and science are at the forefront of every session and some fabulous exercises and modifications will be incorporated when the need arises.


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